Bus and Parking

For those of you taking the bus. The bus will run for about 1 to 1.5 hours starting at 7:15 from the Georgian Terrace (next to the Indigo Hotel) will leave 10 minutes after the starting time and will take students to the Student’s Center (short walk from there to Clough where the meeting will be held). The bus then will go to the Marriott hotel and pick up students from there. The time for the bus to arrive at the Marriott will depend on the time to make the previous trip (maybe 20-25min) and from the Marriott it will go to the Student’s Center and then the bus will repeat the two trips one more time.

For those of you taking your cars, you can park again in area 3 (the gate should be open) or on area w21 next to Howey, the Physics building (gate should also be open).

If you have any questions or need help or you missed a ride please call Prof. Fenton at 516 672 6003

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